UL styles

Habia Cable’s product range of approved UL styles incorporates single cores, twisted wires, multicore cables and coaxials. Although not limited to them, Habia specialises in the high temperature, thin wall UL Styles covered by the four main fluoropolymer materials: ETFE, FEP, PFA and PTFE.

Product data sheets

Image of a coax

Coaxial Cables to UL

Up to 150V / 200 deg C coaxial cables.

Image of an insulated wire

Insulated Wires to UL

Up to 1000V / 250 deg C insulated wires.

Image of a cable

Single and Multicore Cables to UL

Up to 1000V / 250 deg C single and multicore cables.

Image of a twisted pair cable

Twisted Wires to UL

Up to 300V / 250 deg C twisted pairs.