Cable systems for interconnect solutions

Our experience in designing and manufacturing cable systems for harsh environmental conditions is reflected in our material portfolio, which includes harnesses resistant to pressure, temperature, humidity and various high performance halogen free materials.

Over the years, we have built up a significant knowledge covering industrial, defence and offshore/marine applications. As one of Europe’s most successful manufacturers of cable systems, we recognise the importance of providing a consistently high level of service to our customers. 

Moulding technology

At Habia, we use two different moulding technics: two-component low pressure injection and high pressure injection. We have developed different surface treatment techniques (including plasma and chemical treatment) for polyethylene and polyurethane based materials. Developments in the over-moulding methods, in combination with the advanced surface preparation, allow us to design reliable water resistant features with complex geometry and functionality.

Suitable equipment - including pressure tank, electrical testers and mechanical resistance testing tools - are in place to perform the necessary routine inspections for the Connector/Cable integration manufactured harnesses.


We offer workshop services, adjusting to the most non-typical requirements of the customers. Supported by modern CNC machines, we decrease production time in custom designed projects. Fixtures are used to meet customers requirements and ensure repeatability as well as maintaining high quality.

Electrical testing

Standard practice is 100 % electrical testing and visual inspection on all cables and harnesses. To aid our harness testing, we have a number of manual and computerized automatic testing machines with up to 512 measuring points and ability to test up to 5000 VDC or 1000 VAC.