Harnbraid calculator

What happens with the optical coverage for a Harnbraid when you stretch it, or push it back once removed from the former? 

By follow these simple steps, you can calculate the optical coverage for a given type:

  1. Enter the diameter of your harness (or cable bundle) in mm.
  2. Select Harnbraid type. The green background shows recommended sizes. Sizes with yellow background can be used, but are not recommended. 
  3. Click "Calculate" and the result will be shown in the right column below.
More information
Your harness ∅ in mm
Select Harnbraid type
Optical coverage [%] 96.1
Min ∅ [mm] calculated
Min ∅ [mm] recommended
Max ∅ [mm] calculated
Max ∅ [mm] recommended
Former ∅ [mm]
Former inner ∅ [mm]
Weight Harnbraid [g/m] on harness 28.2
Metre Harnbraid per metre harness 1.0
Habia article No. 10106
Transfer impedance mΩ/m at 30 MHz, maxa -
a Transfer impedance has to be measured with the harness inside
  the braid, any value given is indicative but not a guarantee.