Cable systems and harnesses

Our experience in designing and manufacturing cable systems and harnesses for harsh environmental conditions is extensive. Over the years, we have built up significant knowledge covering industrial, defence, offshore and marine sectors. We regularly design cable harnesses for a range of applications; ROVs, tidal turbines, submarine sonars and other various defence systems.

Fibre optic cable systems assuring high-quality connectivity

Today, many applications demand higher performance and quality of communication, so cable harnesses including fibre optics are common. We can supply pure fibre or hybrid harnesses, made with both fibre optics and copper, to ensure high-quality connectivity over long distances. The manufacturing process of fibre optical harnesses is demanding and requires a high level of precision to prevent contamination of dust and other particles. Our team of specialists in Lubieszyn, Poland, uses cutting-edge equipment in a carefully controlled dust-free laboratory. Before delivery, all our fibre optic harnesses are subjected to meticulous testing. 

Testing capabilities covering all cable systems and harnesses

From prototype development to the final manufactured cable harnesses, we have the resources to make the necessary tests to assure premium quality of cable-connector integration. All suitable equipment - including pressure tanks and tools for mechanical resistance tests - are in place to perform the inspections. For electrical testing, we have a number of manual, computerised, and automatic appliances to perform the tasks. Our standard practise is to perform electrical testing and visual inspection of each finalised product.

Tailor-made spiral cables

Many of our cable harness designs use spiral cables, which are used for many applications, such as communication headsets, extendible radio masts or in the connections between trucks and trailers. No matter what your requirements are for the spiral dimension, cable length or material, we have the equipment and the expertise needed to meet them. We can provide either a complete product with assembled connectors, or just the spiral cable itself.

Custom tooling services

Supported by our modern CNC machines, we offer workshop services and can accommodate any customer requirement, no matter how unusual. With the ability to make our own tools, we decrease production time in custom designed projects. The use of fixtures also guarantees repeatability and high quality, and ensures set requirements are met.

Moulding in two ways

We use two moulding techniques: two-component low-pressure injection and high-pressure injection. We have also developed different surface treatment techniques (including plasma and chemical treatment) for polyethylene and polyurethane based materials. These methods allow us to design reliable underwater harnesses for medium and high depths with complex geometry and functionality. It’s also possible to use FEP moulding and various potting materials for the sealing of connectors, protecting against different environmental conditions. 

Like all of our solutions, our cable systems are fully customisable and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Contact us today for more information.

Certified to IPC standards

All our harness operators are certified according to the IPC/WHMA-A-620 standard, in the highest classification: Class 3.


Diving in the shallow end

When one of our cable customers, a hydroelectric industry company, needed a new complete harness solution that could face harsh conditions in a shallow water environment, we were more than ready to step up to the challenge.