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What are the differences between the versions?

Military grade ‘brown’ coaxials, based on MIL DTL 17 specifications. These RG types use solid PTFE dielectrics and FEP sheaths in order to offer the highest possible electrical performance from a non-foamed coaxial.

High quality, high performance coaxials that typically use nonmagnetic conductors, which are less susceptible to passive intermodulation (PIM). Solid PTFE dielectrics and FEP sheaths offers high temperature properties.

Triaxials are built up with a conductor, dielectric, braid and inner sheath, then a second braid and an outer sheath. As the second braid is separated from the first, it can be used as an electrical screen, in contrast to the ‘double screen’ coaxials.

Double screen
The coaxials with ‘double screen’ are built up with a conductor, dielectric and then two braids (screens) in contact with one another, then finally an overall sheath. The addition of the second braid improves electrical performance over a range of frequencies, offering a cleaner signal, making them ideal for long cable runs.

Coaxial cable made without standard marking

White jacket
The outer sheat is white instead of transparent brown

Value in brackets - (7 x 0,1X)
Size of conductor when not standard size