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We have a vast experience of supplying custom design wires and cables to the sensor market. For many years we have pioneered a wide range of products to meet the high demands of this exacting industry. Typical sensor applications that Habia has been involved with include Accelerometers (including positioning, speed, vibration and displacement) Chemical (including Lambda / O2), Level and flow, Metrology, Pressure, Proximity and Radiation.

Measurement cable types

The variety of environments our cables are subjected to requires a varied range of Habiasense products.   External factors such as high and low end temperature exposure, vibration and movement, oil, fuel and water immersion and even radiation all influence the cable’s overall performance.

To this end we offer four distinct concepts each with its own strengths and benefits:

Habiasense HT1

Rated to 600V, and with a temperature range from -200oC (static) and -65oC (dynamic) up to +260oC using our PTFE insulation and PFA as the outer sheath, Habiasense HT1 is intended to meet extreme environments where temperature and / or fluid resistance is of critical importance. Habiasense HT1 cables can be produced in a wide range of sizes, cores and colours in addition to the standard types offered and can also be adapted offer compliance and approval with UL AWM Style 20225 for 600V and 250oC.

Habiasense HT2

Rated to 600V and with a temperature range from -100oC (static) and -65oC (dynamic) up to +155oC. Our ETFE insulated, ETFE sheathed Habiasense HT2 is the foremost solution for fluid resistant cables. These cables can be manufactured as multi-cores in sizes up to and including 95sqmm and can also be adapted to offer compliance and approval with UL AWM Style 20222 for 600V and 150oC rated cable.

Habiasense ZH1

Rated to 600V with an HFI 147 insulation and our HFI 121 XL as outer sheath, Habiasense ZH1 provides a Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) and flame retardant solution for cables operating from -30oC up to +122oC. Habiasense ZH1 cables are ideal for use in areas where personal safety is of importance such as enclosed public areas and vehicles. The relatively high temperature and low corrosivity of the cables also makes them ideal for use in hot areas where valuable equipment and circuitry may be present as this is often susceptible to the fumes given off by most traditional cable.

Habiasense ZH2

Rated to 300V, our entry level Habiasense product, ZH2 uses our TPS 130 as insulation with an HFS 100 outer sheath. These cables are fully zero halogen, are ideal for external use and also suitable for dynamic applications, operating in nominal ambient air temperatures from -40oC up to +90oC.


These cables have extremely low microphonic sensitivity due to integral carbon layers within the construction.   Each of the Habiasense constructions can be modified to low-noise performance.

Custom Designed Habiasense Cables

Habiasense cables may be modified to use low-noise variants for the following applications:
• Instruments for precision acoustic measurements
• Cables between sensors and (for example) accelerometers and photo-electric pickups
• Charge amplifiers
• Medical instruments (e.g. ECG, EET or ultra-sonic equipment)
• Nuclear technology
Should you require a low-noise variant of a Habiasense cable please contact one of our sales offices for a design and quotation.


Wire and cable is an inert product and so does not require ATEX certification (only the finished system can be approved).
We can however modify our materials to help a system pass ATEX requirements.

ATEX Category 1
(long / frequent exposure)
Zone 0 (Gas)
Zone 20 (Dust)

ATEX Category 2
(occasional exposure)
Zone 1 (Gas)
Zone 21 (Dust)

ATEX Category 3
(short exposure)
Zone 2 (Gas)
Zone 22 (Dust)
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