HFS 100 - ZH, FR, Rad

Habia Code: I

Key Properties
-40ºC to +100ºC
Flame retardant
Reduced smoke generation
Zero halogen
Excellent for use in water and oil
Good for use in acids and fuels
Radiation tolerance: 10E6 Gy

General Information

HFS 100 has very good tensile and elongation properties making it a tough, abrasion resistant jacketing material.

Though not a suitable insulation material, HFS 100 has many ideal qualities for use as a jacketing material. It has excellent ozone and radiation resistance as well as being able to withstand most liquid fuels and oils. Halogenated solvents and a variety of ketones, esters and polar solvents, as well as nitric acid can attack the material.

HFS 100 is Habia's jacket material of choice for reeling applications and retractiles where flame retardancy or radiation resistance is a requirement.

HFS100 material variants:

Although HFS 100 is Habia’s primary jacketing material, there are a number of variants - dubbed TPU due to their non-flame retardant characteristics - that also exist for more specialised applications:

- TPU 90 is a non-flame retardant, shiny version which offers improved water resistance.
- TPU 90 F is a soft and flexible variant ideal where movement is a key criteria.
- TPU 90 M is a low-friction variant, also ideal for dynamic use.
- XL-TPU is a cross-linkable version that can provide increased temperature resistance.

Please note that all these non-standard variants are offered at Habia’s discretion and their selection is dependent on a number in-house considerations.

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