HFI 260 - LS, ZH, FR, Rad

Habia Code: M

Key Properties
-60ºC to +200ºC
Thin wall insulation
Highly flame retardant
Low smoke generation
Zero halogen
Excellent for use in water, fuels, oils, acids and bases
Radiation tolerance: >10E7 Gy

General Information

HFI 260 is a material with which Habia can get closer to the performance of a fluoropolymer cable than any other whilst still offering a solution that is completely LS0H.

With a continuous temperature rating of +200ºC and an excursion temperature (when used with a NPC conductor) of +260ºC, HFI 260 has an unmatched radiation tolerance that makes it the ideal choice for use in demanding nuclear applications. Along with ETFE, HFI 150 and HFS 105 XL B, HFI 260 is releasable to IEEE 323 and IEEE 383.

Dimensionally the same as HFI 120 and HFI 140 when used as an equipment wire, HFI 260 can be processed to much larger sizes, however the processing of these is very complex and therefore Habia look on the requirements and dimensions of each large size enquiry individually.

Though HFI 260 can sometimes be called into use as a jacket material, the stiffness of the material is such that it is really only the most demanding radiation levels that should see it used in this capacity.
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