REACH Compliance

Habia Cable strive to ensure continuous compliance within REACH legislation; this is our statement with regard to REACH.

Statement September 2016

Habia Cable Group is aware of EU´s regulation 1907/2006, concerning Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) and will continuously work to ensure our compliance within this legislation. 

We have identified us as a downstream user as we produce wires and cables which, according to REACH definition, are articles and have therefore no obligation to register our products. In a few cases where we import substances from suppliers outside EU we have a responsibility to ensure that registration is carried out if applicable.

According to information from our raw material suppliers they have performed the registration and included our area of use in the material safety data sheets. 

The candidate list was updated on Jun 20th 2016 and now contains a total of 169 Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC). Our ambition is that none of the materials used in our products shall contain any of the substances listed and to the best of our knowledge these substances are not present in any of our standard products. However, if a certain material containing Substances of Very High Concern is specified for a customized product, and cannot yet be replaced, we will accommodate our customer’s request, if possible. In case of receiving further information from our suppliers regarding presence of these substances it will be communicated to concerned customers.

We do understand our customers concern that their products can be delivered without interruption and will do our utmost to ensure that. We do not foresee that the REACH regulation would endanger our possibility to manufacture and deliver products to you in the future.