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Habia Cable focuses on offshore with NEK 606 RFOU certification
# November 18, 2015
Habia Cable is now approved by DNV for the NEK 606 RFOU standard. The NEK ...
PEEK – exclusive cable material for the toughest environments
# March 20, 2015
It is relatively unknown that the hard and exclusive plastic material PEEK ...
Thin-wall cables for small applications and use in tight spaces
# June 24, 2014
Limited available space in today’s applications for sensor equipment ...
Cost effective electron irradiation improves the properties of plastic
# June 24, 2014
High quality plastic material for applications with extreme safety ...
Pioneering Expertise in Water Blocked Cables and Harnesses
# June 18, 2014
For 40 years, Habia Cable has developed and produced highly advanced water ...

About Habia Cable

Habia Cable is a leading European manufacturer of high performance standard and custom designed cables, wires and cable harness assemblies. We use a wide range of components to design and manufacture specialist, multicore and hybrid cables for industrial, commercial, defence, nuclear and communication applications. We have a wide range of international  approvals, materials and manufacturing capabilities, working with your engineers to design and produce to order a cost effective wire and cable solution for your requirements.  

Owned by the Swedish Industrial Group, Beijer Alma, Habia Cable is a Swedish company, founded in 1941. Sales annually are around 670 MSEK. We operate in more than 50 countries and employ more than 550 people. We provide our customers with global and local expertise and we strive to provide the best cable solution for your needs.
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